Welcome to Inwood Forest!

Inwood Forest is a place of contrasts. Sitting at the edge of the city limits, it is neither strictly urban nor suburban. The physical environment is unlike other areas of the city. The streets are not laid out in a grid. A look at a map of the area shows wagon wheels, triangles, curved streets and cul-de-sacs. There are large amounts of green spaces provided by Vogel Creek, fairways of the former 27 hole golf course, and over one hundred open lots. Even the soil offers mixed opportunities with land north of White Oak Bayou supporting acid loving trees and soils, south of the bayou supporting alkaline loving trees. Architecturally, Inwood Forest is as varied as the physical environment. The styles of homes include Spanish, French, New England Colonial, California Contemporary, Southern Colonial, English Tudor and even a castle or two. But it is the people of Inwood Forest who offer the most contrasts. They combine to create an interesting, ethnically diverse neighborhood which has thrived.