April 14, 2004 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present:
President Charles Crain
First Vice President Vernon Hassell
Second Vice President Mel Weiser
Secretary Clark Blanco
Treasurer Julie Grothues
Director Louise Gonzales
Director Steve Brickhouse
Board Members Absent-None
About 10 Residents attended.

Meeting Called to Order
Meeting was called to order by President Charles Crain at 7:06PM on April 14, 2004. Will DeVane was designated as parliamentarian
The agenda was adopted as presented.
No objection. Motion to suspend standing when recognized by the Chair. No objection.

Approval of Minutes
The following changes /additions/ corrections are to be made to the March 10, 2004 Board Meeting minutes that were mailed out: The margins on Attachment D adjusted and the address in the Homeowner Concern changed to the block number With these corrections the minutes were approved as mailed out.

Homeowners Concerns
No homeowners concerns were voiced.

Financial Reports
A. Financial Reports: Treasurer Julie Grothues presented the Financials Report. Financials were approved as mailed out.

Management Report
A.Properties and Facilities Committee Report: Mel Weiser submitted the Properties and Facilities Policies and Procedures. Mel Weiser also provided the Properties and Facilities Committee report. Children’s playground equipment moved. Repainted the fence and pool buildings. Motion detector lights have been installed around the pool building.
B.Deed Restrictions Committee Report
Tabled waiting on Steve Brickhouse’s arrival.
C.Flood Committee Report
Charles Crain presented this committee’s report. Vogel Creek widening on schedule. Temporary holding areas north of Arncliff are being reviewed by the Commissioners Court. Three requests for Capital Improvement Projects to relieve street flooding.
D.Security Committee Report
Clark Blanco presented the Security Committee Policy and Procedures. Clark Blanco presented the Courtesy Patrol Report. The statistics are pretty good thanks to IFCOP and off-duty HPD patrols.
E.Communication Committee Report
Charles Crain presented the Communication Committee report. Newsletter delivered on time. The web site is current.
F.Resident Relation Committee Report
Louise Gonzales presented the Resident Relation Committee report. Committee has met twice. Preliminary information package passed around for comments. The Board is waiting on policies and procedures for this committee.
G.HCFCD Properties Committee Report
Vernon Hassell gave a brief verbal report. Buyouts are proceding, about 80 to 85 homes will be removed from Inwood Forest. Harris County has not completed the maps of Vogel Creek. The Board is waiting on policies and procedures for this committee.
H.Legal Affairs Committee Report
Charles Crain presented the Legal Affairs Policies and Procedures. Charles Crain presented the Legal Affairs Committee report. They are planning to review IFCIA Bylaws and make comments to improve clarity of the Bylaws.
Motion approved for $300 for Legal Affairs to consult with attorney.
I. Financial Management Committee Report
The Board is waiting on policies and
procedures for this committee.
J. Recreation Committee Report
Charles Crain presented the Recreational Activities Committee Policies and Procedures. Charles Crain presented the Recreation Committee Report. .
K.Deed Restrictions Committee Report (taken from table)
Steve Brickhouse gave a brief verbal report. The Board is waiting on policies & procedures for this committee. Problem with multi-families, businesses and trucks. The digital camera has been returned to Steve.
5 Minute recess taken.

Old Business
A.Genesis Program for Bulk Purchase of Electricity.
Motion was made by Vernon Hassell that IFCIA purchase power through the “Genesis Bulk Purchase of Electric Program.” Approved.
B.City of Houston actions on problem pools.
Coordinate with the Deed Committee.

New Business
A. Free Pool Passes for Residents
As an introduction, each residential address to receive five (5) free pool passes. Approved. How to handle will be discussed later.
B.Issuing Trash Citations
Motion was made by Clark Blanco that after the 2nd trash violation the address be given to Mel. Mel will talk with offender. After 2 more trash violations Mel will turn over the address(es) to Clark Blanco. He will give the address to Off-duty HPD officer who will see to the issuing of a city citation.

Next Regular Board Meeting The next regular IFCIA Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Meeting adjourned by consensus at 8:20PM.