March 10, 2004 Board of Directors Meeting

Board Members Present:
President Charles Crain
First Vice President Vernon Hassell
Second Vice President Mel Weiser
Secretary Clark Blanco
Treasurer Julie Grothues
Director Steve Brickhouse

Board Members Absent:
Director Louise Gonzales

Residents that signed in:
Mark Harrison, Ann Carson, Kathy Saccone, Michelle Cutler, Judy Blanco, Cheryl Ward

Meeting Called to Order

Meeting was called to order by President Charles Crain at 7:01PM on March 10, 2004. Will DeVane was designated as parliamentarian.

The agenda was adopted with the correction of the Management Report designations being alphabetical.
No objection.

Motion to suspend standing when recognized by the Chair. No objection.

Approval of Minutes

The following changes/additions/corrections are to be made to the February 11, 2004 Board Meeting minutes that were mailed out. The title will be corrected to include the word “Community”. In the section Management Reports, A. Setup Committee, 3. Motion, the correct number of abstentions is 2. Continuing on in the Management Reports, B. Proposed Resolutions, all resolutions will be designated with the date (02-11-04) then a number. Resolution 02-11-04-1, the correct vote is 5-Yes. Resolution 02-11-04-3, the correct number of abstentions is 2. Resolution 02-11-04-9, the complete resolution shall be added. Resolution 02-11-01-10, the complete resolution shall be added.

With these corrections the minutes were approved as mailed out.

The following changes/additions/corrections are to made to the February 19, 2004 Special Board meeting minutes that were mailed out. The title will be corrected to include the word “Community”. The date will be corrected to the 19th. Mel Weiser will be added to the Recreation Committee.

With these corrections the minutes were approved as mailed out.

Homeowners Concerns

At 5510 Turfwood the garage doors have been removed and are sitting on the ground. The pool has been partially filled in. The city has been out to site the pool. This will be taken up in executive session. Steve Brickhouse will contact the resident that reported the garage doors.

Financial Reports

A. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Julie Grothues presented the Treasurer’s Report. Genesis has added an “Aging Report” to the Financial Package that shows the amount Harris County owes on lots in Inwood Forest. The annual mosquito contract was paid in February to obtain an additional 5% discount. The amount paid is for the entire 2004 year of spraying.

Motion was made by Clark Blanco to pay the Inwood Forest Country Club bill of $240 for the annual IFCIA meeting. Motion passed.

B. Attorney’s Recommendations on Collections

The question of how often the liens need to be filed. The attorney’s opinion is “every other year is fine or every 3 or 4 years is fine.”

Motion was made by Vernon Hassell: we follow the attorney’s recommendation on filing “Notice of Unpaid Assessments (Liens) in the Real Property Records” and that they be re-filed every 3 years until paid. The liens are to be filed on accounts that are more than 24 months overdue. No liens are to be filed on Harris County.

Management Reports

A. Announce Committees

The secretary read from the February 19 Special Meeting minutes:
1. Property and Facilities Committee
Mel Weiser as liaison
Jim Barber as member
2. Deed Restriction Committee
Steve Brickhouse as liaison
Scott Fendrick as member
Clark Blanco as member
3. Flood Committee
Charles Crain as liaison
Vernon Hassell as member
4. Communication Committee
Charles Crain as liaison
Hugo Du Bois as member
5. Resident Relations Committee
Louise Gonzales as liaison
Millie Contreras as member
Cami Du Bois as member
6. HCFCD Properties Committee
Vernon Hassell as liaison
Scott Fendrick as member
7. Legal Affairs Committee
Charles Crain as liaison
Michelle Cutler as member
8. Financial Management Committee
Julie Grothues as liaison
Judy Blanco as member
9. Recreation Committee
Charles Crain as liaison
Ann James as member
Mel Weiser as member
10. Security Committee
Clark Blanco as liaison
Julie Grothues as member
Mel Weiser as member

B. Properties and Facilities Committee Report
Mel Weiser submitted the Properties and Facilities Committee Report. Two new committee members were added: Bob Rogers and Allen Mansfield. The committee recommends continuing to work with G.I.P. and ABC 2000. The cul de sacs will be done as needed. Some fence and equipment will be moved in the park. The wooden fence will be removed. (Full Report Attachment B)

C. Deed Restrictions Committee Report
Steve Brickhouse gave a brief verbal report. Looking to streamline the process. Written report to be submitted soon. The Board is waiting on policies & procedures for this committee.

D. Flood Committee Report
Charles Crain submitted the Flood Control Committee Policies & Procedures. Charles Crain presented this committee’s report. Details of the Vogel Creek widening and forecasted start date, July 2004, and projected completion date Jan 2006. The planning of upstream Vogel dams is moving forward. (Full Report and Policies and Procedures Attachment D)

E. Security Committee Report
Clark Blanco presented the Courtesy Patrol Report. Two new committee members were recommended: Jack McCarty and Sgt. Mike Corley. As alternate to Sgt. Corley, Sgt. Leslie Martinez was also recommended. The Board voted and approved all of these members and alternate. The committee elected Jack McCarty as chairman. The Board approved Jack McCarty as chairman. The statistics were good thanks to IFCOP and off-duty HPD patrols. The HPD officers requested two patrol radios. The committee recommended delaying action on the radios until next month. The Board agreed. The Board is waiting on policies and procedures for this committee.(Full Report Attachment E)

F. Communication Committee Report
Charles Crain submitted the Communications Committee Policies & Procedures which include the News Letter, Web Site, other Publications, and Information Officer. Charles Crain presented the Communication Committee report. March Newsletter will be larger than usual. The web site is current. (Full Report Attachment F)

G. Resident Relation Committee Report
No report. The Board is waiting on policies and procedures for this committee.

H. HCFCD Properties Committee Report
Vernon Hassell gave a brief verbal report. Buyouts are proceeding, about 80 to 85 homes will be removed from Inwood Forest. The Board is waiting on policies and procedures for this committee.

I. Legal Affairs Committee Report
Charles Crain presented the Legal Affairs Committee report. They are planning to review IFCIA Bylaws and make comments to improve clarity of the Bylaws.

J. Financial Management Committee Report
The Board is waiting on policies and procedures for this committee.

K. Recreation Committee Report
The Board is waiting on policies and procedures for this committee.

New Business

A. Disposition of IFCIA Radar Gun
Motion was made by Clark Blanco to issue the radar gun to a resident that lives on Antoine to record the speed, time, and identification number of School and Metro buses. This information should be forwarded to the secretary on a monthly basis. The secretary will send this detail of the speeders to both the Metro and School boards. Also included will be a letter requesting that the speeding be stopped.

B. Pool Fees for Residents
Suggestion of $75 Residents annual fee for a family of 5.
Suggestion of $100 Non-residents annual fee for a family of 5.
What about additional family/ friends/ visitors?
Mel will submit a resolution of the fee structure for 2004 at the next meeting.

C. Genesis Program for Bulk Purchase of Electricity. No action was taken.

D. The IFCIA Digital Camera.
Vernon will try to contact Mike Janner about the location of the camera and report back.

E. The Statement of Policies & Procedures from Committees
An informal guide to writing policies and procedures for committees will be email by Charles Crain to the committee liaisons that have not submitted policies & procedures to the Board.

F. New Plat Maps from City of Houston.
Board requested that the plat maps of Inwood Forest be provided to Scott Fendrick. Scott and Mark Harrison will review the infrastructure of Inwood Forest and check current standards.

Next Regular Board Meeting

The next regular IFCIA Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 14, 2004.


Meeting adjourned by consensus at 8:20PM.

______________________ ____/____/____
Secretary Clark Blanco Date
Attachment B

Property and Facilities Committee Report
March 10, 2004

Committee members:
Mel Weiser – Chair and Liaison Bob Rogers
Jim Barber Alan Mansfield

Meeting: February 29, 2004 8:00 A.M. Ralph Sellers Park

Decisions: During our meeting, we decided to continue to work with G.I.P. and the beautification 2000 group, on the esplanades.

The cul-de-sacs will continue to be done as needed as they are now. We did decide to make some changes at the park. Some of the plants and shrubs will be moved, in order to create a more open area. The children’s playground equipment will be moved to a more visible area where they can be seen by the parents enjoying the area. This area was fenced, but also enclosed by hedges so the children could not be seen. Another thing we need to accomplish is to remove some of the wooden fence, in order to make the area and our building more visible for passing traffic on victory. This is a safety issue and should help prevent any more break-ins, especially after the removal of the homes behind the park. This has given those with ill intentions a perfect hiding place.

Submitted March 10, 2004 by
Mel D. Weiser
Attachment D

Flood Control Committee
March 10, 2004


Presented by the HCFCD Vogel Creek project team to the presidents of Arbor Oaks and Inwood Forest in the Vogel Creek Expansion Project Status meeting held on Feb 25, 04.

The two hour meeting was very informative and to-the-point. Attending were 14 members of the HCFCD Vogel Creek project who were ready willing and able to define how and what was to be done. IFCIA was very impressed with the attitude and abilities of the project team members. IFICA is now very confident that Inwood Forest will be well served and will owe them our thanks.

The following is a summary of the meeting. The items described may be considered as “facts” as opposed to the usual “planned, projected and etc.”

A. How Big Will It Be? 150 feet across at the top (currently it is 40 feet wide). This is an increase of 375%. Vogel Creek in Inwood Forest will be nearly twice as wide as any upstream ditch that flows into Vogel. As well as wider it will be 2 feet deeper. Vogel Creek will be “Texas size”.

B. How Much Will It Hold? Vogel will hold within its banks all the water from of the 100 year Flood Way and the 100 year Flood Plain. Vogel Creek will be able to contain the storm waters of a storm like Allison. After the construction is complete FEMA will officially designate Inwood Forest as removed from the 100 year flood plain. This could mean cheaper flood insurance and flood insurance could become optional.

C. What Will It Look Like? Vogel creek will be grass lined. There will be minimal concrete construction so that aquatic life (fish, water plants, etc.) can be sustained to comply with Texas conservation laws. To promote the fish and birds that feed on them the design includes pools and riffles. The pools create slower moving water for growth of fish and the riffles (they are varying levels of the bottom that cause “rapids”) increase the oxygen level in the water.
The edges of Vogel will be planted with groves of native trees to blend with the neighborhood and golf course. It will NOT be a straight tree barren corridor. It will be attractive as well as useful.

D. When Will The Digging Start? First week in July 04.

E. Where? The first section to start the digging will be Vogel Creek at White Oak Bayou north to Cypress Grove located in Arbor Oaks. This area is first because all right of way is nearly complete and will definitely be completed by end of May. Other parts of Vogel may be dug as right of way is acquired. For example, the north entrance of Vogel Creek at Arncliffe may begin digging in August while the section in Arbor Oaks is being dug. Right of way determines when a portion can begin digging.

F. About Water Draining: The widening of Vogel Creek downstream will cause the water to flow faster and leave the Inwood Forest section quicker. This will move more water through Vogel Creek so it won’t overflow as soon as it does. So, downstream digging has a positive effect.

G. How Long Before It’s Finished? 1 1/2 years. Jan 2006 This could improve because more than one section can be dug at a time. As right of way is acquired new sections will be started.

H. What’s Next? The next step is the Bid and Award. This will determine which company will do the digging. This will done during March and April. The selected contractor will begin to get the equipment etc. to the job site during May and part of June.

2. Vogel Creek Upstream Retention Dams –
I have contacted the head of the planning dept and was informed that:

A. The project was misassigned to maintenance dept. It had fallen between the cracks. He would personally supervise the project to assure it was properly pursued.

B. The idea was discussed by him and the head of HCFCD and deemed to be useful and worthwhile to implement.

C. It is going to be done. Now the question is which type of dam and when. These questions are to be answered next week.

Submitted March 10, 2004 by
Charles Crain

3. Policies and Procedures – Submitted with this report.
Attachment E

Security Committee Report
March 10, 2004

Mel Weiser, Julie Grothues, Clark Blanco

Sgt. Mike Corley, Sgt. Leslie Martinez, Jack McCarty, Judy Blanco, Thiry Weiser

Recommend the following individuals be added to this committee:
Jack McCarty, Chairman; Sgt. Corley (Alternate Sgt. Martinez)

We elected Jack as chairman, pending Board approval of his addition to the Committee. Installation of additional security lighting at the park is needed. The wooden fence at the park needs to be removed to provide increased visibility to the patrols. Need to increase the visibility of the HDP day patrols.

There is a mentally-challenged individual that lives in Inwood Forest. He is spending his mornings in the park and has defecated in the park. This was witnessed by a resident. Motion that HPD officers determine what can be done to permanently have this individual stay out of the park.

Sgt. Corley requested two HPD patrol radios to enhance their communications directly with HPD while on IF security patrols. The radio and programming of the radios would cost $450 each. This price is good for the next 45 days. Recommend delay acting on this purchase until next Board meeting.

Courtesy Patrol Report
March 10, 2004

The following IFCOP Patrollers provided transportation and supervision for the door to door delivery of the IFCIA Newsletter. –Thank you!—Jack McCarty, Glenn Dicken, Bill Young, Gabe Rodriguez, Frank Robichaux, Mark Hillje, and Charlie Rivet—Big Thank you—

We have some spectacular HPD statistics for the month of February. (Inwood/1 mile)

Robbery 0/2
Agitated Assault 0/8
Car Break Ins 0/4
Theft 1/10
Auto Theft 0/10
Burglary Residential 1/19
Vandalism 0/5
Investigations 1/30

These are the lowest crime statistics for any given month in the history of Inwood Forest!
From HPD: “Tell IFCOP to keep up the good work!”

IFCOP has identified a few problems that we should be aware of:

February 1, 2004 / Suspicious Truck – Around 1:50 PM, a resident in the 7600 block of Streamside called IFCOP Base 1A to report a suspicious truck. Base 1A told the resident to call HPD at 713-884-3131 and report the incident. The resident later called back to report that by the time HPD came on the line, the truck had left and it was decided that no officers would be sent to investigate.

Please first call HPD 713-884-3131; HPD maybe able to stop the crime in progress! IFCOP only watches and reports!

February 5, 2004 / Stolen Bicycle – A resident in the 5600 block of Don White called Base 12A to report that someone had stolen a bicycle from their gated patio around 5:00 AM. The resident reported the incident to HPD.

Wave to the IFCOPers and HPD Officers as they patrol. The weather is getting nice so let’s get out and meet our neighbors and help watch for anything suspicious.

Submitted March 10, 2004 by
Clark Blanco

Attachment F

Communication Committee
March 10, 2004

1. Policies and Procedures – Submitted with this report.

2. News Letter – Issues are current. March issue will be larger because of annual meeting and Feb meeting will be published. In addition HCFCD status report.

3. Web Site – Current. Posting to be done 2nd Saturday of each month.

4. Information Officer – No action.

Submitted March 10, 2004 by
Charles Crain