September 22, 2004 Special Board of Directors Meeting

Board Members Present:
President: Charles Crain
1st Vice President: Vernon Hassell
2nd Vice President: Mel Weiser
Director: Louise Gonzales
Director: Steve Brickhouse
Treasurer: Julie Grothues
Secretary: Clark Blanco

Genesis Representative: Will DeVane
Parliamentarian: Clymer Wright

Several Residents Attended

Meeting called to order
Meeting was called to order by President Charles Crain at 7:10 P.M on September 22, 2004.
Motion to adopt the agenda as presented.
Clark Blanco objected stating that the agenda didn’t follow the Roberts Rules of Order, specifically that censures should be held in executive session. The parliamentarian did not see anything that supported the objection made by Blanco. After a search by Blanco no proof was forth coming so the agenda was adopted as presented.

Motion by Julie Grothues for the removal of Vernon Hassell as the IFCIA Board Liaison to the Deed Restrictions Committee. Motion 2nd Steve Brickhouse.
For: Julie stated that Vernon had been acting as Chairman. Didn’t follow up on deed violation reports and hadn’t ask Genesis to send all the notices. He hadn’t held regular meetings of the committee
Against: Mr. Hassell stated that he attempted to hold meeting on two different occasions. Only two people showed up for those meetings. He said he was sending the notices to violators.
Vote on Motion:
Favor: Julie Grothues, and Steve Brickhouse
Opposed: Vernon Hassell, Mel Weiser, Clark Blanco, Louise Gonzales,
Motion Failed

B.) Motion by Julie Grothues to rescind the resolution entitled. “Issuing Trash Citations”, recorded in Meeting April 14 2004 “B. Motion was made by Clark Blanco that after the 2nd trash violation the address be given to Mel. Mel will talk with offender. After 2 more trash violations Mel will turn over the address(es) to Clark Blanco. He will give the address to Off-duty HPD officer who will see to the issuing of a city citation.” Motion 2nd by Steve brickhouse

For: Julie Grothues stated that since Mel was given authority his actions have reflected poorly on the Board. Too many deed violations were being ignored. Examples: Trash out on unauthorized days, debris in the streets.
Aganist: Vernon Hassell stated that he thought that Mel Weiser was doing a great job. But for other reasons favored the motion.
Vote on motion:
Favor: Louise Gonzales, Julie Grothues, Steve Brickhouse, Clark Blanco, and Vernon Hassell
Motion Carried

For the Good of Order

Julie Grothues motioned for the censure of Mel Weiser for discourteous and disrespectful conduct to members of the assembly and members of the board at the IFCIA Sept. Meeting. Louise Gonzales 2nd the motion.
For: Julie states that during a September meeting Mel lashed out at a resident for probationers program. At the beginning of a meeting Mel Weiser lashed out at him and said ” Where have you been? I haven’t seen you working with the probationers” Mel told her to “Shut Up” when she interrupted him in the previous meeting. Louise Gonzales stated she was disappointed with Mel Weiser’ behavior, stated that he had gotten smart with her.
Against : Mel disagreed saying that he asked the resident where he was; when he (Mel) was asking for help. Blanco stated that other members of the board were also disrespectful. Blanco stated that Mel Weiser had the floor and that Julie Grothues had interrupted more than once.
Gonzales motioned to end the discussion Julie Grothues 2nd the motion. Discussion ended.
Vote On Motion:
Favor: Julie Grothues, Steve Brickhouse and Louise Gonzales
Opposed: Clark Blanco and Vernon Hassell
Motion: Carried

D.) Julie Grothues motioned for Censure of Mel Weiser for misleading Board members to believe IFCIA was not responsible for the probationers program. Steve Brickhouse 2nd the motion
For: Julie stated that Mel told the board several times that he was personally responsible for the probationers program.
Against: Mel gave members of the board copies of a contract that stated IFCIA was the participating agency. Mel Weiser was signing as the IFCIA representative. Vern Hassell stated it was known to him and previous board members and officers. Several items in the contract were noted. The date on the contract read August of 2003, they have used IFCIA since August of 2000. Blanco stated that in the contract had 501C for a non-proit organization, but in the IFCIA contract it read 5014.
Julie Grothues motioned to end discussion. Vernon Hassell 2nd the motion.
Vote on Motion: Favor: Julie Grothues, Louise Gonzales Opposed: Vernon Hassell, Steve Brickhouse and Clark Blanco Motion: Failed

E.) Julie Grothues motioned for the censure of Vernon Hassell for misleading the Board members to believe that IFCIA was not responsible for the probationers program thus allowing IFCIA to commit violations of the probationers program guidelines. Steve Brickhouse 2nd motion.
For: Stated in motion Against: Vernon Hassell stated that he didn’t understand how he mislead Board members. He said he knew about IFCIA violations and that his only mistake was assuming that President Charles Crain knew about them as well. Discussion ended.
Vote on Motion: Favor: Julie Grothues and Steve Brickhouse Opposed: Mel Weiser, Clark Blanco and Louise Gonzales Motion: Failed

F. Julie Grothues motioned for the censure Vern Hassell for failure to report that IFCIA’s ATV was stolen in January 2004.
Steve Brickhouse 2nd motion.
For: Julie stated that Vernon Hassell failed to report that a stolen ATV. It was IFCIA property and the board should have been notified.
Against: Vernon Hassell said that while he was aware that the ATV was stolen, it was security that was responsible. He said that he was assured that they would get a new ATV or money for it. Officer Cory stated that in January the ATV had been authorized for maintenance. During a crime spree in which several houses had been broken into the ATV was stolen. Security was allowed to use one from the country club until they could get theirs replaced.
Vernon Hassell stated that since he hadn’t heard anything else on the matter that it had been resolved. Julie Grothues stated that there was never any insurance on the ATV and Vernon Hassell had made remarks about the ATV having insurance. Vernon Hassell said he was surprised to learn that the ATV didn’t have insurance. Motion was made to end discussion.
Vote on Motion: Favor: Julie Grothues Opposed: Mel Wiser Clark Blanco, Louise Gonzales Abstaining: Steve Brickhouse Motion Failed

Steve Brickhouse motioned to go to Executive Session, because all of the concerns on the agenda had been discussed. Motion carried.

Persons in Executive Session were:
Charles Crain, Steve Brickhouse, Vernon Hassell, Mel Weiser, Clark Blanco, Julie Grothues, Louise Gonzales, Genesis, parliamentarian, sergeant of arms

Blanco submitted his resignation as a IFCIA director effective as of September 23, 2004 12:01 A.M.
Motion to accept Clark Blanco resignation by Julie Grothues. Louise Gonzalez, 2nd motion.
Favor: Julie Grothues, Louise Gonzales and Steve Brickhouse
Opposing: None Motion Carried

Vernon Hassell motioned to have Charles Crain removed as President. Clark Blanco 2nd the motion (Crain yields chair to Hassell who
becomes presiding officer and he wishes to speak for the motion. So Mel Weiser becomes the presiding officer. Weiser opens discussion.
For: Vernon Hassell feels Charles Crain prevents discussions and ideas. Example: 1.) Special meetings (referred to tonight’s meeting).2.) completely ignored writing about the spring meeting in the newsletter. 3.) Interrupts motions on the floor. 4) Exposes the Board to law suits by words that he used in a newsletter, Hassell agrees that the intent of the newsletter was very good but that Charles Crain could have used better language. Vernon Hassell feels that Charles Crain doesn’t have what it takes to be President.
Against: Steve Brickhouse stated everyone needs to stop bickering, and start working together as a Board and that Charles Crain has tried to change things for the better. Julie stated that the allegations from Vernon Hassell were ludicrous. Also stated that Charles Crain didn’t get the recognition that he deserved.
Vote on Motion: Favor: Clark Blanco, Vernon Hassell, and Mel Weiser
Opposed: Julie Grothues, Louise Gonzales, and Steve Brickhouse Motion Failed

Clark Blanco motioned to adjourn
Meeting Closed 8:13 P.M September 22, 2004